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288488 by mav:
Document CD block size of 2048.

288487 by ed:
Make truss print CloudABI system call names.

This change adds the bits that are necessary to fetch system call
arguments and return values from trapframes for CloudABI. This allows us
to properly print system calls with the right name. We need to make sure
that we properly convert error numbers when system calls fail.

We still need to improve truss to pretty-print some of the system calls
that have flags.

288486 by mav:
Set default block size for CD to expected 2048 bytes.

288485 by cperciva:
Final step of eliminating the "games" distribution: Merge src/games
(or what's left of it, at least) into src/usr.bin.

This change will not be MFCed.

Discussed at:   EuroBSDCon 2014
Committed from: EuroBSDCon 2015

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