On Wed, 17 May 2000 18:41:29 +0100, Brian Somers wrote:

> 1. To update things, I was under the impression that ``make buildworld 
>    buildkernel'' then ``make installworld installkernel'' was the idea.  
>    This doesn't build modules, but building from sys/compile/whatever 
>    builds another kernel...  Is anybody going to finish what was started 
>    and make buildkernel/installkernel do the modules too ?

The work on buildkernel/installkernel was done by different folks from
the guy(s) who've moved the modules build.  I was about to check in new
stuff for the installkernel target when the modules stuff happened.
Although the buildkernel/installkernel targets were Marcel's brainchild,
I'm looking at it.

Gimme some time (assuming nobody else gets stuck in there first); I've
had unbelievable hassles trying to sell a car.


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