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289004 by ed:
Properly format pointer size independent CloudABI system calls.

CloudABI has approximately 50 system calls that do not depend on the
pointer size of the system. As the ABI is pretty compact, it takes
little effort to each truss(8) the formatting rules for these system
calls. Start off by formatting pointer size independent system calls.


- Make it possible to include the CloudABI system call definitions in
  FreeBSD userspace builds. Add ${root}/sys to the truss(8) Makefile so
  we can pull in <compat/cloudabi/cloudabi_syscalldefs.h>.
- Refactoring: patch up amd64-cloudabi64.c to use the CLOUDABI_*
  constants instead of rolling our own table.
- Add table entries for all of the system calls.
- Add new generic formatting types (UInt, IntArray) that we'll be using
  to format unsigned integers and arrays of integers.
- Add CloudABI specific formatting types.

Approved by:    jhb
Differential Revision:

289002 by rodrigc:
Use print as a function, not operator.

289001 by marcel:
Add option -l for specifying which OS loader to dlopen(3). By default
this is /boot/ This option allows for the development and
use of other OS loaders.

289000 by peter:
Move SHLIBDIR?=/lib before <> so that it works again.

288999 by adrian:
wpi(4): remove software queues

Use direct dispatch into the destination hardware ring instead of using
a staging queue.

Submitted by:   <>
Differential Revision:

288998 by rodrigc:
Use -fpermissive if compiling with GCC.

Works around GCC bug:
when compiling Module.cpp

288997 by bdrewery:
Correct a comment.

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