The topic of including /usr/local in the paths for compilers, linkers, etc has 
come up again. I’ve started a poll to judge sentiment in the community about 
what the default policy of FreeBSD should be in this regard.

This topic has been much debated in the past. Those against it generally 
believe that it pollutes the namespace to include /usr/local/* by default. The 
defaults should only include what we include in the system to avoid accidents. 
Those for it say that it has become standard in other projects and that makes 
it easier for people porting software to FreeBSD as well as making it easier 
for users to use stuff they’ve installed from ports.

I make no judgement over which one is “correct” since I can understand the 
argument on both sides.

So I’ve created this poll to gage opinion of the 
project and its users. If I did things right, the poll is open to everybody. 
The poll will be used as data, but I make no promises about what will happen 
with this data. The poll will sat for 2 weeks, and I’ll publish the results 


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