From: "Amancio Hasty" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> For those interested , SGI has released their 64 bit
> compiler for Intel's Itanium.
That great, now when does FreeBSD64 come out ;-)

Is FreeBSD 64-bit clean as referred to in the below question from the SGI
FAQ ( )?

Q. I have a C program that runs correctly on Linux/IA-32.  When I compile it
and run it in the NUE environment, I do not get correct answers.  Any ideas?

A. Is your program 64-bit clean?  The Linux/IA-32 programming model uses an
ILP32 model.  That means that sizeof(int)==sizeof(long)==sizeof(void *) ==
32 bits.  The Linux/IA-64 programming model used a LP64 model.  That means
that sizeof(int)==32 bits and sizeof(long)==sizeof(void *)==64 bits.  If
your program violates the LP64 model you will have problems.  This is why
the version of gcc in SPEC95 will not work (nor will it ever without


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