On 10/17/2015 8:57 AM, Bryan Drewery wrote:
>> Guess what happens when I use a proper clang-tblgen?
>> $ make all
>> /usr/obj/home/ngie/git/freebsd/src/usr.bin/clang/clang-tblgen/clang-tblgen 
>> -gen-arm-neon  -d arm_neon.d -o arm_neon.h  
>> /home/ngie/git/freebsd/src/lib/clang/include/../../../contrib/llvm/tools/clang/include/clang/Basic/arm_neon.td
>> $
>> Voila.
>> So this is happening because it’s using clang-tblgen from the build host 
>> somehow, which is not able to process the .td files.
> Perhaps PATH got set wrong somehow. Note that the build log does not
> have an absolute path for clang-tblgen, as the above code would cause.
> It is just using the default PATH as other builds do.

I reproduced this PATH issue here locally and digging deeper.

Bryan Drewery

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