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For me, I'd like to know what is the benefit/performance of each technique and
a clear preparation of each ones advantages over the other. That would make the
decission process much easier and hopefully would not scare people away and
announce "FreeBSD does not have a, b, c, ..." ...

So, one thing that the docs talk about is that geli uses the crypto(9)
framework.  This doesn't mean much on it's own, but if you have a machine
with AES-NI instructions or an accelerator card that supports the cipher
mode used, then you can get faster performance of hardware off load,
while gbde uses the software only routines which are slow..

John-Mark, thanks for listing these differences. This is the sort of
information we should have available for end users to help choose one
or the other -- this info ought to make it into the handbook.

I'm working on updating the section now...

Also realized we should include verbage to say that it's best to use
page size sectors when possible to reduce overhead of the crypto...

I can help with markup and editing.
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