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>> Think human rights activists for instance.
>Couldn't they use a fake email address and Tor to communicate 
>anonymously? I'd be surprised if they aren't already.

If you think being a human rights activist is that simple, you
really have *no* idea...

For a lot of them, using Tor would instantly blow their cover.

We're not talking about people who wear Amnesty International
T-shirts or who call themselves "human rights activists" when the
pass through immigration.

We're talking about people who for all practical purposes have a
job as hard or harder than "real" spies.

They do not have the the support and resources of their own government,
they do not have a spare diplomatic passport and a new identity
waiting for them at the embassy, and they certainly cannot afford
those sunglasses.

Getting it wrong on crypto or comms-footprint will at the very least
cost them a year in some Elbonian mud-jail, worst case they die in
a "traffic accident" or "commit suicide" in a turkish air-port

>but we should improve the Handbook so gdbe vs. geli 
>strengths and weaknesses are better explained.

By all means go for it!

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