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1. Why are there 2 competing technologies?
They are not competing, they support two very different threat models.

We need to make this a lot more clear in the Handbook. John-Mark is taking the charge here.

3. Is there a gain/loss for removing gbde?
Yes, you alienate a lot of users who very often are not even in a
position to tell you they run FreeBSD.

Think human rights activists for instance.

Couldn't they use a fake email address and Tor to communicate anonymously? I'd be surprised if they aren't already.

As I said to Martin, this point keeps coming up as though its grounds alone to leave gdbe in the tree forever. gdbe should stand on its technical merits. After reading your paper on gdbe, I understand those merits a lot better, but we should improve the Handbook so gdbe vs. geli strengths and weaknesses are better explained.

4. Why is it marked experimental [still]?
To make people think.

What it made me think was - "this software has been here for so many years and is still experimental and suspect??? It must have issues. Why is it still in the tree?"



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