John wrote this message on Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 17:40 +0100:
> as subject - is building kernel in /sys/amd64/conf depreciated?
> I can get a modified kernel to build and install in /usr/src but not
> in /sys/amd64/conf. I always used to be able to do this in there, then
> again I either used -RELEASE or -STABLE. I used to do it like this:
> 1. cd /sys/amd64/conf
> 3. [make changes to MYKERNEL and save]
> 4. config MYKERNEL
> 5. cd ../compile/MYKERNEL
> 6. make cleandepend && make depend && make
> This fails *every time* during make. It fails at this point:
> Make[1]: "/storage/usr/ports/Mk/" line 1204: UNAME_r
> (11.0-CURRENT) and OSVERSION () do not agree on major version number.

You're trying to build a 11-CURRENT kernel on a 10-something userland
from the looks of it, and that has never been supported, it may work,
but when it doesn't, FreeBSD won't fix it...

If you do like building kernels the above way, you can do:
cd /usr/src
make kernel-toolchain
make buildenv   # which launches a shell
cd <kerneltree>/amd64/conf
... traditional build method ...

The kernel-toolchain/buildenv builds the tools and sets up the
environment just like buildkernel does for the kernel compiles...

Or you need to update your compile box's userland to match the kernel
version that you're building...

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