:Greg Lehey wrote:
:> As far as soft updates goes, basically it's incompatible with Vinum,
:> since there's currently no way of ensuring the sequence of writes
:> across a number of disks.  I'm thinking of ways of doing it, but they
:> will cause significant loss in performance.  There should be no
:> problems as long as there isn't a crash, of course :-)
:Do you mean that softupdates is entirely incompatible with Vinum, or
:just incompatible with Vinum's RAID5?

    Wait a sec... softupdates does not depend on write ordering.  Softupdates
    issues all non-conflicting writes in parallel and doesn't care what order
    they are written to the disk.  When those complete, softupdates will then
    followup with all the writes that depend on the original set.

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