FreeBSD_HEAD_i386 - Build #1497 - Fixed:

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289884 by cem:
xen: Add missing semi-colon for BITSET_DEFINE()

Broken when it was removed from the macro in r289867.

Pointy-hat:     markj
Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

289882 by mav:
Add PIM_EXTLUNS support to isp(4) driver.

Now 24xx and above chips support full 8-byte LUN address space.
Older FC chips may support up to 16K LUNs when firmware allows.
Tested in both initiator and target modes for 23xx, 24xx and 25xx.

289881 by mav:
Give CTL support for PIM_EXTLUNS when talking to CAM.

CTL itself still lives in flat LUN space, but it can generate extended
numbers if CAM SIM reports such capability.

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