This is the first time I've tried to install current,
so if the following issue has already been discussed,
please let me know where to find the logs.

I am trying to upgrade from 3.2 Release to -current
but the build fails in the bootstrap stage.

my supfile has the following
release=cvs tag=.

I synced my source tree at about 10 a.m. Pacific this
morning (05/19).

I ran make world.

As it tried to compile new.cc in gperf I got the
following error:

In function `void operator delete(void *)':
declaration of `operator delete(void *)' throws
different exceptions...
<internal>:82: ...from previous declaration here
*** Error code 1

A look at /usr/src/contrib/gperf/src/new.cc yielded

/* We need this deletion operator in order to make the
linker happy.
   Because `operator new' and `operator delete' always
come together.  */
operator delete (void *ptr)
  T (Trace t ("operator delete");) 
  // We cannot call free here, as it doesn't match the
  // free ((char *) ptr);
  (void) ptr;

So, apparently somewhere else delete is declared
without throw() or with something inbetween the ().
My understanding is that throw() is an optional
compile time thing, and acts simply as an "interface
contract" between the calling and the called function
specifying what exceptions will be thrown by the
function, so I took the liberty of adding:
just before the function declaration. That seems to
have fixed my problem (it's in "stage 3: cross tools"
right now). 

However, that only fixed the symptom, not the cause.
Presumably, the problem will still be there next time
I cvsup.  I would rather not have to muck with the
code every time I sync my source tree, and would
appreciate it if someone could give me a heads up as
to anything I might be doing wrong on my end, or if it
is a problem with the code that the maintainer be made

I'd appreciate any help/response.


--"The beatings will continue until morale improves!"

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