> > It looks like a problem with WITHOUT_MANCOMPRESS.

> > I am looking into it.

> A fix is now committed. It has been broken since June.

> Regards,
> Bryan Drewery

Thanks for the fix, computer is now busy with NetBSD update from 6.99.44 (16 
months old) to 7.99.21 for both amd64 and i386, but I intend to get back to the 
FreeBSD update after that is done.

I checked /etc/src.conf and found

I looked in other directions for the problem and would have just been wasting 
time and computer energy.

Compressed man pages can be a nuisance, and not really necessary or helpful 
with today's big hard drives and USB sticks.

Good I was able to expose a bug of four months' standing.

UPDATE: buildworld succeeded, but installworld crashed to the debugger prompt:
  Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

Reboot attempt, both with custom kernel and GENERIB, failed:

/libc/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.3 required by /bin/sh not defined

GENERIB is kernel config derived from GENERIC but with some outdated devices 
unlikely to be found on a modern computer system removed, and some wireless 
drivers including rsu added.

So now that FreeBSD installation is not bootable.  I ran
fsck_ffs -y /dev/dk9 
from NetBSD 7.99.21 (current) i386, /dev/dk9 being NetBSD's version of the 
FreeBSD partition name.

I can say "make installworld" likely failed because, after interrupted 
(crashed) installworld, userland was out of sync.

I have another FreeBSD partition, 10.1-STABLE amd64, dating to January 29, 
2015, could boot into that and try to update both that (10.2-STABLE) and the 
messed-up FreeBSD-current installation (with HEAD/current).

MicroNet Fantom external hard drives, 1 TB to 5 TB, USB 3.0 and eSATA, look 
attractive now, back up a whole OS installation, eSATA figures to work better 
than USB 3.0: better for FreeBSD and NetBSD, and better recognition at boot 
time by motherboard/BIOS/UEFI.


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