We have NO_MODULES for building kernel without modules, but no NO_KERNEL to only build the modules.

What do you think about the following patch:

diff --git a/sys/conf/kern.post.mk b/sys/conf/kern.post.mk
index ddf828e..f0920df 100644
--- a/sys/conf/kern.post.mk
+++ b/sys/conf/kern.post.mk
@@ -32,7 +32,11 @@ KERN_DEBUGDIR?=      ${DEBUGDIR}

 .for target in all clean cleandepend cleandir clobber depend install \
     obj reinstall tags
+.if !defined(NO_KERNEL)
 ${target}: kernel-${target}
 .if !defined(MODULES_WITH_WORLD) && !defined(NO_MODULES) && exists($S/modules)
 ${target}: modules-${target}

It allows only a single module with MODULES_OVERRIDE= and NO_KERNEL=YES to be built with universe in very little time. This can save a lot of build time when changes are limited to a set of kernel modules.

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