On 10/27/15 13:16, Konstantin Belousov wrote:
On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 10:31:26AM +0100, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
I understand that the compilation environments are different.

How would you suggest to build-test a handful of C-files under a single
device keyword and associated kernel module cross all kernels we have in
a 10-minutes time-frame? MODULES_OVERRIDE can be defined from within
kernel configs aswell, so possibly a MODULES_OVERRIDE_OVERRIDE is needed
for this kind of feature. How about some kind of KERNCONF_APPEND=
parameter, which contains instructions for "config" to only emit a
single device keyword, yet, keeping all options and parameters.

Did you tried to pass
options for make universe over the already built tree ?

When I develop, I use
unless I change config, or add a file, or add a module etc. This
combination gives me seconds for whole kernel and modules rebuild time
when I know that the build metadata, i.e. files participating in the
build, and the build options, did not changed from the latest full

I think that a similar trick should work with make universe, it might be
somewhat more involved to properly pass the directions, may be not. But
it should give the build time in the range of tens of minutes, indeed.

Hi Konstantin,

You will need an initial complete universe build which compiles to be able to use these options.

Not all C-files have a dependency rule, possibly due to a lack of functionality in "config". I've burnt a few times with -DNO_CLEAN in the past because of "no-depend" keywords in sys/conf/files .

In other words:

Is not the same like:
make buildkernel

And especially before commit.

The most promising in this thread so far is:
make tinderbox MAKE_JUST_WORLDS=yes SUBDIR_OVERRIDE=sys/modules 


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