> On 02 Nov 2015, at 14:47, Shawn Webb <shawn.w...@hardenedbsd.org> wrote:
> On Sunday, 01 November 2015 07:16:34 AM Julian Elischer wrote:
>> On 11/1/15 2:50 AM, Shawn Webb wrote:
>>> I'm at r290228 on amd64. I'm not sure which revision I was on last when it
>>> last worked, but it seems VNET jails aren't working anymore.
>>> I've got a bridge, bridge1, with an IP of The VNET jails set
>>> their default route to The host simply NATs outbound from
>>> to the rest of the world. The various epairs get added to
>>> bridge1 and assigned to each jail. Pretty simple setup. That worked until
>>> today. When I do tcpdump on my public-facing NIC, I see that NAT isn't
>>> applied. When I run `ping` from the jail, the jail's
>>> address gets sent on the wire.
>>> Let me know what I can do to help debug this further.
>> send the list your setup script/settings?
> I'm using iocage to start up the jails. Here's a pasted output of `iocage get 
> all mutt-hardenedbsd`: http://ix.io/lLG

Can you add your pf.conf too?

I’ll try upgrading my machine to something beyond 290228 to see if I can 
reproduce it.
It’s on r289635 now, and seems to be fine. My VNET jails certainly get their 
traffic NATed.


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