Craig Rodrigues wrote:

I have some machines which are on an IPv6 only network.
It works great and I can access most things on the IPv6 Internet
that I need like Google ( [2607:f8b0:4004:808::1014]) , Facebook
([2a03:2880:1010:df05:face:b00c:0:2]), CNN ( [2620:100:e000::8001]), etc.

However, the one thing I cannot access is GitHub, which does not
support IPv6 (!!!!).

Is there a way that I can tunnel IPv4 over an IPv6 network?

I read this blog post:
and wasn't sure if this was an approach that I could use.

I don't see how a tunnel encapsulation would help here - you need to
translate between protocol families, as your client side is IPv6-only.

If all the traffic is HTTP then a web proxy like squid running
on a dual-stacked host would suffice. Otherwise a NAT64 (with DNS64)
is needed, like implemented in OpenBSD's pf (but not available
in FreeBSD's pf).

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