Recent ipfw commits now cause my firewall to panic on boot. I had to
revert them and only pull in Adrian's ath fix which was to fix yet a
different panic I was encountering... :-)

KDB: stack backtrace:
db_trace_self_wrapper() at db_trace_self_wrapper+0x2b/frame
vpanic() at vpanic+0x182/frame 0xfffffe01226a3460
kassert_panic() at kassert_panic+0x126/frame 0xfffffe01226a34d0
ipfw_rewrite_rule_uidx() at ipfw_rewrite_rule_uidx+0x258/frame
commit_rules() at commit_rules+0x43/frame 0xfffffe01226a35b0
add_rules() at add_rules+0x430/frame 0xfffffe01226a3680
ipfw_ctl3() at ipfw_ctl3+0x424/frame 0xfffffe01226a3980
rip_ctloutput() at rip_ctloutput+0x261/frame 0xfffffe01226a39b0
sogetopt() at sogetopt+0x76/frame 0xfffffe01226a3a40
kern_getsockopt() at kern_getsockopt+0xde/frame 0xfffffe01226a3ab0
sys_getsockopt() at sys_getsockopt+0x50/frame 0xfffffe01226a3ae0
amd64_syscall() at amd64_syscall+0x2de/frame 0xfffffe01226a3bf0
Xfast_syscall() at Xfast_syscall+0xfb/frame 0xfffffe01226a3bf0
--- syscall (118, FreeBSD ELF64, sys_getsockopt), rip = 0x800b2cbca, rsp
= 0x7ff
fffffca88, rbp = 0x7fffffffdb60 ---
KDB: enter: panic

  Mark Felder
  ports-secteam member
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