Adrian Chadd wrote this message on Fri, Nov 06, 2015 at 11:15 -0800:
> Ideally there'd be both behaviours:
> * You'd specify whether a timer/sleep needs to be exact or can
> withstand some jitter (which is what linux provides); and

Isn't that what the precision argument in callout is for?

See callout_reset_sbt(9):
     The sbt, pr, and flags arguments provide more control over the scheduled
     time including support for higher resolution times, specifying the
     precision of the scheduled time, and setting an absolute deadline instead
     of a relative timeout.  The callout is scheduled to execute in a time
     window which begins at the time specified in sbt and extends for the
     amount of time specified in pr.  If sbt specifies a time in the past, the
     window is adjusted to start at the current time.  A non-zero value for pr
     allows the callout subsystem to coalesce callouts scheduled close to each
     other into fewer timer interrupts, reducing processing overhead and power
     consumption.  These flags may be specified to adjust the interpretation
     of sbt and pr:

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