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290519 by cem:
hptmv(4): Fix broken sysctl(9) API assumptions

Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

290518 by imp:
Correct !FDT case with proper name.

290517 by bapt:
Fix build of localedef(1) on arm where wchar_t is an unsigned int

290516 by imp:
Implement the phy-mode property for ate and macb. If it is set to
"rmii", use rmii mode for the MAC, otherwise use MII mode. The code is
somewhat duplicated between these drivers for this.

Also, add AT91RM9200 compatibility strings to the ate driver. In the
future, there's a good chance that ate will lose the MACB support and
only attach to the AT91RM9200 EMAC device since the macb works now
that RMII support has been added to it.

290515 by jilles:
periodic: Fix backwards compatibility for daily_status_security_* vars.

Most daily_status_security_* variables in periodic.conf were changed to
security_status_* in SVN r254974. The compatibility code for the old names
did not work.

PR:             204331
Submitted by:   martin at
MFC after:      1 week

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