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> I've a not-complete-installworld from today, dumped core halfway through 
> despite single-user mode...
> began with an install of libc++... which was fine.
> i can restore
> /lib
> /libexec
> /bin
> /sbin
> /usr/bin
> /usr/sbin
> from an earlier backup
> and most binaries work again, but nowhere near
> full functionality...   wanting to restore browser
> functionality... which mysteriously broke (all segfault) which
> prompted the buildworld.
> setting COMPILER_TYPE results later in
> sh: cc; not found  during the installworld.  
> OTOH some buildworld 
> produced files may have been lost during the fsck to lost+found
> I noticed a few clang files ended up in lost+found during one of the many 
> fsck.
> So as an aside of any usual question...
> Is there any documentation 
> where make installs should proceed?
> for instance libc++ first, then ...
> and/or how to run the installworld segment-at-a-time to find the
> specific failure?  OR it is too complex
> Assuming "no" to each of the above...  is there a best
> practice to 
> copy a greater number of the /lib, libexec from 
> backup to completely restore, or is it necc. to
> do a reinstall to an ENTIRELY new disk... given that
> the existing disk for some reason does not want to
> complete it.
> Maybe even someone has an easier way... or procedure.
> Thanks.
> ...
> As an aside, a wanted feature:
> during one disk crash recently, the pass* in /etc wound up in lost+found.
> No login resulted.  Restored from backup by luck... was clueless.
> Would it be wise to build redundancy into the base, so that for example
> if /etc/fstab has vanished, its shadow copy in  /etc/shadow/...
> or even enough binaries, (similar /rescue ) to complete a complete svn
> buildworld installworld as a sort of /rescue/usr/src with all binaries and
> libraries contained therein.
> Maybe...

Crash recovered.   All /root/.* directories had vanished also... so I was 
thinking, maybe if
fsck_ffs were more elaborate when placing the files in lost+found it would 
place metadata as to
where it came from, and then lost+found-replace.sh or binary could recover FROM 
I could be just wishing though.

But the reason for this reply-followup rather than a new post (the paragraph 
above) with
Now that the recovery here has been done, ( files between nov 3 and nov 7 
copied from
/mnt where the crashed disk(s) and backups were mounted)...
WHAT is the best practice if *this* working r288246 (11.0-CURRENT) builds 
world, then
core dumps during installworld, rendering login and/or paths upon login and/or
segfaults of nano, etc after login and/or all working but browsers segfaulting 
fixup... since this is a principal desktop ... 
... the best practice for "if this installworld hoses, simply copy files from 
..." recovery?
OR,  no one else knows either, which I think is more likely, in which case I 
apologize for even stating the question.

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