On 7 Nov 2015, at 6:08, Dmitry Morozovsky wrote:

as you're still maintaining lpr, I'm passing this through you.

If one build his server WITHOUT_LPR, there are constantly few directories that
are created by make hierarchy and then reported my make check-old.

Attached is a small patch against -current that should eliminate it (inspired
by BSD.groff.mtree).

Your thoughts?

Thanks for checking with me.

While I've done a lot with 'lpr', I have not done much of anything with
mtree files.

After having read through the rest of this thread, I have the impression
that we're no longer interested in a separate mtree subfile for 'lpr'.
Instead we'll go with Brian's observation that: "if a directory is in the
dist mtrees, it should not be listed as an OLD_DIRS."

Am I correct in thinking that?

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