On 2015-11-09 03:50, Boris Samorodov wrote:
> 03.11.2015 23:50, Maxim Pugachev пишет:
>> I tried to install r29273 into Parallels VM, but got an error on
>> "distextract" stage. Here is the last messages from bsdinstall_log:
>> DEBUG: f_debug_init: ARGV=[distextract] GETOPTS_STDARGS=[dD:]
>> DEBUG: f_debug_init: debug=[1] debugFile=[/tmp/bsdinstall_log]
>> DEBUG: Running installation step: distextract
>> Killed
>> Last message from /var/log/messages:
>> Nov  3 20:02:9  kernel: pid 967 (distextract), uid 0, was killed: out
>> of swap space
>> My VM has 2 gigs of memory, vmstat tells that I have ~537M free
>> (swapinfo tells nothing). I dunno is it a bug or I'm doing something
>> wrong.
> I've also come across with this recently.
> Don't remember all the details, something like this:
> . install CURRENT to bhyve using 1G memory, get out of swap error;
> . set 2G memory, got the same error, didn't try more memory (seemed
>   not sane to).
> Took a look at the boot environment and found out that something was
> wrong (with the filesystem). Unfortunately, I do not recall now what
> was it. :-( Something like too small /tmp, no /tmp at all, something
> else...
> But definitely the error message was misleading and not the case of
> the failure.

/tmp is usually a tmpfs, which is memory backed, and it would seem that
writing something here is what would cause the out-of-memory errors.

Allan Jude

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