> On Nov 9, 2015, at 09:56, Ian Lepore <i...@freebsd.org> wrote:


>> I must perform a
>>  chflags -R noschg
>> on /usr/obj prior to blowing it away. Is it different for you,
>> or did you just omit that step?
> In 19 years of using freebsd, I have never once needed to chflags on an
> obj directory.  Nothing in the build process sets any non-standard
> flags in the obj dirs, and a simple rm -rf will remove everything just
> fine (you would need to sudo the rm -rf if you built as root).

I used to have to do that in earlier/custom versions of 10.x.

Vanilla FreeBSD shouldn't be setting schg on files in MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX though, 

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