On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 09:52:16AM -0800, John-Mark Gurney wrote:

> Dag-Erling Smrgrav wrote this message on Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 10:42 +0100:
> > Therefore, I would like to remove the HPN patches from base and refer
> > anyone who really needs them to the openssh-portable port, which has
> > them as a default option.  I would also like to remove the NONE cipher
> > patch, which is also available in the port (off by default, just like in
> > base).
> My vote is to remove the HPN patches.  First, the NONE cipher made more
> sense back when we didn't have AES-NI widely available, and you were
> seriously limited by it's performance.  Now we have both aes-gcm and
> chacha-poly which it's performance should be more than acceptable for
> today's uses (i.e. cipher performance is 2GB/sec+).
> Second, I did some testing recently due to a thread on -net, and I
> found no significant (not run statistically though) difference in
> performance between in HEAD ssh and OpenSSH 7.1p1.  I started a wiki
> page to talk about this:
> https://wiki.freebsd.org/SSHPerf

Hmm, I see in this page max speed 20MB/sec. This is too small.
What is problem? With modern 40G NIC wanted speed about 20Gbit/s.
10Gbit/s at least.

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