On 11/11/15 4:05 PM, Slawa Olhovchenkov wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 03:58:35PM -0800, Bryan Drewery wrote:
>>> Some for as ports version?
>>> Or ports version different?
>>> Or port mantainer have more time (this is not to blame for DES)?
>>> I am just don't know what is different between port ssh and base ssh.
>>> We need ssh 6.x in base, not 7.x as in port (why?) and this is need
>>> independed work on pathes?
>>> I am missing somehow commonplace for others.
>> I am the ports maintainer. That was my opinion on why OpenSSH falls
>> behind. There is no real difference between the base and port version
>> except that the port version has some more optional patches, and is
>> easier to push updates for through ports and packages, rather than an
>> Errata through freebsd-update or a full release to get to the latest
>> OpenSSH version.
> This impact only to deploy, not to patch, right?

It's harder to maintain the port version due to how the patches are
applied and generated. That's only my problem though.

> Or bugs found around NPH/NONE patches?
>> There have been many times where the base version was more up-to-date
>> than the port as well due to the lack of a maintainer or the previously
>> mentioned patch blockers.

Bryan Drewery
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