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> Did you confirm (for ex. with Wireshark) that wol actually sends the packet?
> If you are trying to wake the machine that is not booted, this is 
> primarily dependent on the BIOS of the target machine to wake it up.
> In my experience, BIOSes are prone to losing settings, due to low 
> battery, or other (sometimes mysterious) reasons.
> Please confirm that BIOS setting "Wake On LAN" is on on target.
> ....

I confirmed it by successfully using the /usr/local/bin/wol program on
the target machine when the latter had last been booted to run FreeBSD

Previously, this worked whether the target machine had been running
stable/10 or head; now it only works if it had been running stable/10 at
the time the "shutdown -p now" command was issued.

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