FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc4.9 - Build #787 - Fixed:

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290729 by ache:
1) Remove my overcomplicated error fallback and just return error
immediatelly as old code does, now for append modes too.
Real use case for such fallback is impossible (unless specially crafted).

2) Remove now unneded include I forgot to remove in prev. commits.

MFC after:      1 week

290728 by jhb:
Export various helper variables describing the layout and size of
certain kernel structures for use by debuggers. This mostly aids
in examining cores from a kernel without debug symbols as a debugger
can infer these values if debug symbols are available.

One set of variables describes the layout of 'struct linker_file' to
walk the list of loaded kernel modules.

A second set of variables describes the layout of 'struct proc' and
'struct thread' to walk the list of processes in the kernel and the
threads in each process.

The 'pcb_size' variable is used to index into the stoppcbs[] array.

The 'vm_maxuser_address' is used to distinguish kernel virtual addresses
from user addresses. This doesn't have to be perfect, and
'vm_maxuser_address' is a cheap and simple way to differentiate kernel
pointers from simple values like TIDs and PIDs.

While here, annotate the fields in struct pcb used by kgdb on amd64
and i386 to note that their ABI should be preserved.  Annotations for
other platforms will be added in the future.

Reviewed by:    kib
MFC after:      2 weeks
Differential Revision:

290727 by gonzo:
Enable cloks for all USDHC interfaces, previous value was USDHC 1-3 + USBOH3

290726 by gavin:
Consistently capitalize "TI" as an abbreviation for Texas Instruments.

290725 by cem:
NTB: MFV 8b782fab: unify translation addresses

There is no need for the upstream and downstream addresses to be
different for the NTB configs.  Go to using a single set of address. It
is still possible to configure them differently using module parameter
override however (CEM: tunable).

Authored by:    Dave Jiang <>
Reviewed by:    Allen Hubbe <>
Reviewed by:    Jon Mason <>
Obtained from:  Linux (Dual BSD/GPL driver)
Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

290724 by cem:
kern_testfrwk.9:  Clean up manual page style

Igor has many less complaints now.  I think the two remaining are bogus, but I
am also not sure why Igor is producing them.

The page still needs more work.

Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

290723 by bdrewery:
Add note about usr.sbin/pkg -- Please discuss behavior/flag changes with pkg 

290722 by imp:
Move the root to s3a given this kernel will be used with a nanobsd
build that defaults there.

290721 by imp:
NO_CPU_OPTFLAGS doesn't exist, so don't document it.

290720 by sbruno:
spelling is important.

Submitted by:

290719 by bdrewery:
META MODE: Don't set schg flags in the stagedir for distrib-dirs.

This recently started setting /var/empty to schg after r290628.

Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

290718 by bdrewery:
Respect NO_FSCHG for extracting mtrees.

PR:             194189
X-MFC-With:     r290628
MFC after:      2 weeks
Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

290717 by sbruno:
Intel has requested that changes to these driver get a phabricator review
before commits to keep conflicts down to a minimum.

290716 by rrs:
Some basic documentation (a man page) on kern_testfrwk

290715 by rrs:
Bump version number since callout_stop() macro now has new NULL arg.
Thanks Hans for spotting this!

290714 by rrs:
Style 9 changes.
MFC after:      1 Month

290711 by hselasky:
Fix integer to pointer of different size conversion warnings when
using GCC for 32-bit platforms. The integer size in this case is
hardcoded 64-bit while the pointer size is 32-bit.

Sponsored by:   Mellanox Technologies
MFC after:      2 weeks

290710 by hselasky:
Fix print formatting compile warnings for Sparc64 and PowerPC platforms.

Sponsored by:   Mellanox Technologies
MFC after:      2 weeks

290709 by hselasky:
Compile fix for 32-bit platforms:
- The Linux timers data field is "unsigned long".

Sponsored by:   Mellanox Technologies
MFC after:      2 weeks

290708 by smh:
Fix ixl debug sysctls panic

Remove the use of sbuf_data on drained sbufs from the debug sysctls:
* ixl_sysctl_hw_res_alloc
* ixl_sysctl_switch_config

This prevents a kernel panic when accessing these values under a kernel
compiled with INVARIANTS.

Sponsored by:   Multiplay

290707 by kib:
Fix UP build.

290706 by hselasky:
Build fixes:
- Add some missing I/O functions for non-i386 and amd64 platforms.
- Stub ioremap() to NULL using a macro to ensure non-existing memory
  attributes are not referred when they do not exist.
- Add more header files to linux/list.h to resolve driver compilation
  issues on Sparc64 and PowerPC platforms.

Sponsored by:   Mellanox Technologies

290704 by imp:
Make the slice names for root configurable. For embedded platforms, we
need s1 to be a FAT partition, s2 to be the config partition and s3
and s4 to be the ping-pong upgrade partitions.

NANO_SLICE_ROOT defaults to s1
NANO_SLICE_ALTROOT defaults to s2
NANO_SLICE_CFG defaults to s3
NANO_SLICE_DATA defaults to s4

All can be overridden in the config file. Some basic sanity checking
is in place, but is no substitute for being careful.

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