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290866 by bapt:
Regenerate locales after readding ISO8859-1 for locales that have ISO8859-15

Requested by:   arche

290865 by bapt:
Generate in the FreeBSD keyword when generating the Makefiles

290864 by bapt:
Add ISO8859-1 everywhere ISO8859-15 exists

290863 by bapt:
Allow to generate the locale when the source directory is not /usr/src

290862 by bapt:
Simplify a bit the aliases generation

290861 by trasz:
Doh, commit in a wrong directory.  Fix r290857.

MFC after:      1 month
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

290860 by bapt:
Remove unused variables to fix building world

290859 by bapt:
Rework locale-links to not make symlinks on directories but symlinks on files

The goal here is to make the upgrade seamless for users
Add aliases for zh_HK
Remove bad symlinks created by previous bad upgrade procedure.
Complete with more locales that have been removed

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