On 11/15/2015 3:59 PM, Andrey Chernov wrote:
> On 15.11.2015 17:47, John Marino wrote:
>>>> Please provide an example of such a program (in ports).
>>> See gettext-0.19.6/gettext-tools/configure, part started with
>>> # Test for the usual locale name.
>>> I don't have time to dig more such code now, but I remember I saw more
>>> for sure.
>> If the ports framework is not overriding locale to "C" during the build
>> then that's probably something that should be introduced.  Ports should
>> not be producing different results based on the configuration of the
>> building machine at the time.
> This is not about resetting locale to "C" during the build. Please
> really look at "configure" specific part mentioned above, it is you who
> ask at least one specific example and then it is you who ignore the
> answer takes my time to find it.

Of course it's the same topic.
If the configure of a port is affected by the locale, that's a big
problem.  How is this not the same topic?

But I did look at gettext, which is configuring package based on what's
on the system (not environment).  For the unicode checks, there is
obviously no issue.

For the traditional checks, It's ironic, DragonFly uses short locales
like "fr_FR" which link to the approprioprate ISO8859 or UTF-8 locale.
Bapt removed them to avoid a bike shed and if he had not done that, this
gettext configure would not be an issue as "fr_FR" is the very first check.


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