>> In trying to build "make release" today, I discovered that the
>> "vn" driver is required now to build the boot floppies.
> What do you mean "now"?  It's _always_ been required.
>> I would suggest that this driver be added to "GENERIC". For
>> what it's worth, I added the driver to my kernel, rebooted, and
>> completed the make release.
> vnconfig should just load the KLD; if this doesn't work, you can load it 
> manually.  Rebuilding a kernel is not required (and shouldn't be).

        Some care must be taken when cross-building release -
f.e. building 4.0-STABLE on the CURRENT system. Loading the KLD by
vnconfig will use the newly build module in the chrooted environment
i.e. 4.0-STABLE module while the kernel is CURRENT. So the module must
be IN before to start 'make release'.


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