On 11/16/15 9:39 AM, Dan Partelly wrote:
How big of a donor you are to the FreeBSD Foundation does not affect the
committable of your code. Having code ready to commit, vs just a vague
plan, does help your solution win out over another proposed solution though

Then surely you will salvage something from a lot of GsoCs where people wrote 
code with various degrees of success, only
to never hear again of anintegration, or an  evaluation of that code, and 
possible integration.

One which directly interests me: what happened to the BSD libctf  code from 
GSoc ? Was the resulted code evaluated ? If
it falls short, where it does ? Can it be salvaged ?

Libxo might be a fine facility to have for some corner cases, but it doesnt 
solve the problem of binary code reuse in general. Might have solved it fast 
for Juniper.  It is yet another stick into a scaffolding of shell scripts which 
should have been replaced years ago with proper libraries, services and IPC, 
opening the road towards modern service management, service frameworks , fault 
management , fault response and transactional OS databases
I continue to believe this is or will become shortly an issue of utmost importance , one which is worthy of the status of a FreeBSD
initiated and sponsored object.

Yes.  We will get there.

-Alfred (who pushed for libxo as well)
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