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> > emulators! emulators emulators emulators emulators emulators!
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> > You can emulate x86 (32, 64 bit) on your ppc via qemu-devel.
> > I know that mips, mipsel, mips64, mips64el all work via qemu-system-*.
> > sparc64 is .. coming.
> > I'm not sure about arm, but I know arm64 can run in the emulator fine.
> >
> > So hm, can you automate firing things up in emulators?
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> >
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> > -adrian
> Can I build a full bootable image for every arch without root
> privileges?  There's no way that I'm going to build every architecture
> on my 10 year old dual core machine (where I have root), it'll take
> forever, so my only other option is to use the cluster, where I of
> course don't have root privileges.
> If I can type 'make universeimages' as non-root, then, sure, I'll take
> the time to boot test every target that'll boot in qemu.  Otherwise, I
> don't have the time to do it, and that's where crowdtesting is
> advantageous.

One can build a bootable image without root. However, it is currently
poorly scripted at best. I have some changes to nanobsd that moves
it in that direction, but I don't have config files for all the platforms,
just the ones that I have on my desk right now :)

I tend to agree that crowd-testing is a must here.

You can run make universe w/o root permissions.

But looking at the diffs, the only thing that makes this change
at all risky is its scope. The change itself looks to be good
and mostly mechanical.

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