On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 8:29 AM, Dan Partelly <dan_parte...@rdsor.ro> wrote:
>> Unlike what you suggest here, I see lots of issues in Bugzilla which
>> exactly what you describe: enhancements on already available tools.
>> I've even submitted a few myself.
> Thats great Willem.
> But no matter what you find odd or not, I am simply following what Ive read 
> on some
> page on freebsd.org that one of the ways of contributing is by submitting code
> on the mailing-lists , where “somebody will happily pick up changes”.
> So, if you continue to find this odd, please take it up with the web-masters 
> on
> freebsd.org to update the resources regarding contributing to the project.


I think a lot of people tend to use the 'one-two punch' of both PR and
mailing list.  Mailing list to flesh it out and discuss the idea, and
the PR when it's ready to go in.  I've done a very cursory review of
your patch, and it looks pretty good.  Unfortunately, my time is
booked for more projects than I really have time for, so I'd be unable
to test it.  If you submit it as a PR in bugzilla, at the very least
the patch won't get lost when someone else comes looking for the
feature, and more likely it'll get picked up by someone rather quickly
or in the next triage phase (some people like to do bug triaging
periodically, where things like this get their basic testing and

When you said it's not a patch for an issue/bug/etc, one could say the
bug is that the patch isn't already in the tree :) .

- Justin
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