Hi Bryan,

Apologies for the delay.  Yes, this is still happening.

This is the script I'm using with some trampoline things in
a makefile and a common.sh script.  It works on releng/10.1 and
releng/10.2 without modification:


In any of the 11-CURRENT revisions of the last two weeks I've
ran into this issue for buildworld, but not for buildkernel.

If I run this command sequence in a shell directly, 11-CURRENT
builds fine.

My latest step was filtering the environment while calling
buildworld and I've had no issues.  While it's true that the
environment is polluted with variables for various build
steps, it feels like a regression, because that wasn't needed
on 10.x at all.

I've double-checked by running the unfiltered script again
and it runs into the same issues as described in the original

What is the stance regarding environment poisoning and the
source tree build framework?  Is this a best effort setup
or does identifying the bad env variables matter?  I can
probably chase them down if needed.

> On 10 Nov 2015, at 1:21 AM, Bryan Drewery <bdrew...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> What exact release of 10.1 are you on? The release, or somewhere in head
> during the 10.1 lifecycle?


> What revision were you trying to build?

Any of the HEAD revisions of the last two weeks, sorry for
not being more specific here, but this wasn't related to any
specific code churn.

> What do you have in /etc/make.conf and /etc/src.conf?


> What exact command did you run?

See above.

> Can you provide a full buildworld log please?

Only if really needed.

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