22.11.15 22:54, Sergey Manucharian пишет:
>> On 22 November 2015 at 04:31, Florian Limberger
>> <f...@snakeoilproductions.net> wrote:
>>> On 17.11.15 17:42, Adrian Chadd wrote:
>>>> try updating to head as of today. Some callout issues were fixed.
>>> The crashes are fixed alright, thank you.  I still have a rather difficult
>>> to reproduce issue, where the wpa_supplicant hangs in SCANNING state
>>> indefinitely, even if the Notebook is very near to the AP.  I’ve had this
>>> issue occasionally before, but since the crashes started it has become more
>>> frequent.  Is there anything I can do to debug the behaviour?  Until now I
>>> have only observed it in wpa_supplicant and have no idea how I might
>>> proceed.
>> Excerpts from Adrian Chadd's message from Sun 22-Nov-15 08:52:
>> Do this:
>> * compile in IEEE80211_DEBUG;
>> * do "wlandebug +scan"
>> That way we can see if net80211 is refusing to continue scanning.
> I have a similar well-reproducable crash on my ThinkPad with "iwn"
> driver and "iwn6000fw" when I try to restart wlan:
>  # service netif restart
> Otherwise it works fine, no problem at all.

After upgrade from FreeBSD-amd64-HEAD-r290730 to r291148 I've got a
panic with wlan0 (iwm though):

% kldstat | grep iwm
12    1 0xffffffff822c5000 21a18    if_iwm.ko
13    1 0xffffffff822e7000 ab9e0    iwm7265fw.ko

WBR, bsam
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