Good morning!

I experience the following errors:

after setting up ccache according to the howto I tried to compile world and 

make buildworld

runs correctly, takes appr. 3 hours to finish for the first run. Repeating it 
finishes in a little less than 1 hour.

Make -j5 buildworld

also finishes correctly and takes about 23 minutes.

After finishing the kernel compile

Make installkernel



make installworld

gives a lot of error messages:

ccache: error: Could not find compiler "cc" in PATH

but finishes, and the system appears to be working, but I think there must be 
some problem what I could not find.

Compilation and installation finishes correctly if i do not use ccache but 
rather slow.

The system has been reinstalled from scratch, source tree was downloaded on 
Friday and updated few minutes before compile on Monday.

The kernel config is a stripped down GENERAL (I left out those drivers and 
kernel modules which handle hardware not present in my laptop).

I use src.conf to eliminate compiling such components which I do not use 
(BLUETOOTH, IPX/SPX, etc). COMPILER_TYPE is set in my .cshrc to clang.

What can I do to eliminate the ccache error during installworld apart from not 
using ccache?

Best regards

András Krasznai

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