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291461 by dim:
Fix buildworld after r291453, similar to r284346: url->user and url->pwd
are arrays, so they can never be NULL.

Reported by:    many
Pointy hat to:  des

291460 by mckusick:
As the kernel allocates and frees vnodes, it fully initializes them
on every allocation and fully releases them on every free.  These
are not trivial costs: it starts by zeroing a large structure then
initializes a mutex, a lock manager lock, an rw lock, four lists,
and six pointers. And looking at vfs.vnodes_created, these operations
are being done millions of times an hour on a busy machine.

As a performance optimization, this code update uses the uma_init
and uma_fini routines to do these initializations and cleanups only
as the vnodes enter and leave the vnode_zone. With this change the
initializations are only done kern.maxvnodes times at system startup
and then only rarely again. The frees are done only if the vnode_zone
shrinks which never happens in practice. For those curious about the
avoided work, look at the vnode_init() and vnode_fini() functions in
kern/vfs_subr.c to see the code that has been removed from the main
vnode allocation/free path.

Reviewed by: kib
Tested by:   Peter Holm

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