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"O. Hartmann" <> schrieb:

> Just a few moments ago, I installed via buildworld/buildkernel a new CURRENT, 
> then did
> "make delete-old-libs" and by that, got killed!
> After that, I'm unable to build any world to salvage the problem! Moments 
> later, I did
> the same procedure on other CURRENT - but in the meanwhile, the obscure 
> deleteing of
> didn't happen again when issue make delete-old-libs. What is that?
> More important than to know what shit happened is: how to repair the system? 
> How's
> FreeBSD source system to bootstrap itself again to provide It 
> seems, that
> is necessary (nm, for instance) or linker scripts to install lib. 
> Somehow
> this is weird ... and leave those who got trapped by someone eleses mistakes 
> floating
> dead in the water ...
> oh 

Great ... CURRENT, at revision 291620.


===> sys/boot/i386/boot0sio (all)
--- all_subdir_libexec ---
make[4]: make[4]: don't know how to make /Versions.def. Stop

make[4]: stopped in /usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf

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