On 12/07/15 11:42, Matthias Apitz wrote:
> Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I copied only the packages to the new
> system (my netbook) some weeks ago, and created the catalogue with
> # pkg repo /usr/PKGDIR.20150726
> and installed the packages; Today I built 8 packages more, copied them
> over too and was (may be in error) expecting to add these 8 new packages to
> the catalogue with 'pkg update -f'
> Seems that I just have to reuse 'pkg repo ....'

Yeah.  That would explain what you were seeing.  Yes, you do have to
rebuild the repo catalogue on your repo server when you change the repo

Running 'pkg update -f' or similar won't cause pkg(8) to be run on the
repo side -- the repo is a read-only source of static content[*] as far
as the client pkg(8) can interact with it.



[*] Well, except possibly for the repo.conf HTTP mirroring scheme which
is intended to allow load balancing amongst a set of repo servers by --
possibly dynamically -- generating a list of the available servers in
preference order.

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