In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Mark Murray writes:
>> > > I want to commit a new /dev/random RSN, so I'll be needing a major
>> > > device; what is the procedure for getting one? I know how to steal one,
>> > > but ISTR that this is not how it is done.
>> > 
>> > Just edit sys/conf/majors and claim the next available number.
>> You don't need one. You can use the same major/minor numbers.  You can
>> register multiple cdevsw's per major number with make_dev();  (do NOT
>> use cdevsw_add() for this).
>How does this work for all the routines? When you register the
>"new" minor number, can you be specifying new read/write/poll/ioctl/etc
>I ask, as my RNG is a kld, and I want it to be as separate as possible
>without getting ridiculous.

make_dev() takes a pointer to your struct cdevsw{} for this particular

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