Carsten Kunze wrote:
> Rick Macklem <> wrote:
> > Did you use "Manual" when it gets to the partitioning screen?
> > When I've done this, after selecting "Manual MBR" (or whatever it's called,
> > one or two below "Auto"), it should show you the slices
> > (what FreeBSD calls the 4 MBR partitions):
> > - Then I select the "freebsd" (move around until it is highlighted one)
> >   and create partitions within it with "Create" at the bottom of the
> > screen.
> >   (I always have "fun" with the interface, but repeated attempts with <tab>
> >    and the arrow keys eventually get me to the right place on the screen;-)
> I think I did select "auto" which brings me into the "manual" screen after
> few
> steps. It does show the slices and does even show NTFS and Linux
> partitions inside the extended partition (I have 3 primary MBR partitions,
> first is freebsd, then two NTFS, then an extendet with further NTFS and
> Linux).
> The first 10MB of the first slice (freebsd) had been cleared with
> "dd if=/dev/zero of=...".  When I put the cursor line on this slice and
> select "create" it doesn't allow me to create the freebsd-ufs for "/".
Sorry, I can`t explain why it would fail. I have seen different fdisks have
differing opinions w.r.t. partition alignment in the past.

> > Good luck with it, rick
> > ps: If it doesn't show the slices,I'm guessing the MBR doesn't make sense
> > to
> >     FreeBSD's fdisk. You can go to "<Shell>" instead of "<Install>" and
> > then
> >     try typing "fdisk".
> I did try the shell and typed "fdisk" and "disklabel" but this did not work
> as
> known from other BSDs.
You didn`t say what `fdisk` gave as output.
If it doesn`t show your slices, I can only guess that the MBR isn`t understood
by FreeBSD for some reason.
I don`t use it, but gpart is the preferred FreeBSD command. You might try that 

As I said, it works for me, but I use a simple:
- windows NTFS
- windows NTFS
- freebsd
set of slices and I created freebsd with the "Manual MBR" option of the
installer. I do not know what ``auto`` might have done.

Over the years, I have found that different variants of "fdisk" have different
ideas w.r.t. alignment.
> The actually issue is that I can't create something in the found freebsd
> slice.  In the past I did simply remove this slice and added a new one
> (since the free space on the disk had exactly been what I wanted to
> use).  But now the seemingly free space is not actually completely free
> so I'd like to not delete the slice.  The installer should support using
> this slice.
Well, although installing is always a bit scary, if you don`t touch the other
slices, I`d delete and create the freebsd one. It gets to a certain point when
doing the `Manual MBR` before it asks you if you want to save it on disk.


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