El día Sunday, December 13, 2015 a las 10:40:22PM -0800, Russell Haley escribió:

> Hi There,
> I am trying to bring up an Arm image off the FreeBSD website for my
> hummingboard. The problem seems to be when I run pkg the system installs
> the latest version - 1.6.2, and then fails with:
> Shared object "libssl.so.8" not found, required by "pkg"
> I've seen this in NextBSD, and DesktopBSD and even on my previous arm image
> but I was able to get around the problem by creating links from libssl.so.7
> to libssl.so.8.

I have had the same issue on r285885 with ports as well from July this
year and pkg 1.5.5 ... I accidently updated pkg to 1.6.x which could not
find libssl.so.8; I forced back to 1.5.5 with an older pkg-static and now pkg
complains about it database, but still works:

$ pkg info pkg
pkg: warning: database version 32 is newer than libpkg(3) version 31, but still 

I don't know why pkg 1.6.2 was produced with this recent libssl.so.8; it
should have been done more conservative, IMHO


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