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Hi There,

I am trying to bring up an Arm image off the FreeBSD website for my
hummingboard. The problem seems to be when I run pkg the system installs
the latest version - 1.6.2, and then fails with:

Shared object "libssl.so.8" not found, required by "pkg"

I've seen this in NextBSD, and DesktopBSD and even on my previous arm image but I was able to get around the problem by creating links from libssl.so.7
to libssl.so.8.

I have had the same issue on r285885 with ports as well from July this
year and pkg 1.5.5 ... I accidently updated pkg to 1.6.x which could not
find libssl.so.8; I forced back to 1.5.5 with an older pkg-static and now pkg
complains about it database, but still works:

$ pkg info pkg
pkg: warning: database version 32 is newer than libpkg(3) version 31, but still compatible

I don't know why pkg 1.6.2 was produced with this recent libssl.so.8; it
should have been done more conservative, IMHO


I had the same problem on my amd64 laptop. Your FreeBSD version is too old. Upgrading the FreeBSD base will give you the new libssl version. After that you can upgrade your packages.

What version of FreeBSD is running on this hummingboard? I guess 11-CURRENT. Probably ssl was upgraded in FreeBSD and the new packages are build on this newer version. In 10-STABLE this is kept backwards compatible, but in 11-CURRENT you have to keep up yourself.



It has to do with this message in /usr/src/UPDATING:

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