current groff doesn't build on FreeBSD.  I had noticed the same issue some 
months ago on NetBSD and cross checked on FreeBSD and it had worked on FreeBSD. 
 There must have somethig changed since then.  How to reproduce:

When there is a file "test.1.man" and a makefile:

.SUFFIXES: .roff .in .ps .mom .pdf .me .ms .ps .html .txt .texi .dvi .pdf 
.xhtml .man .c .cpp .log .o .obj .sed .sin .test .test$(EXEEXT) .trs .ypp

        @echo Making $@ from $<
        rm -f $@
        @LC_ALL=C \
         sed -e "s|foo|bar|g" \
         $< >$@

"make test.1" results in "make: don't know how to make test.1. Stop".

When ".man" is put to the start of the list it works.  It also works when the 
first .SUFFIXES line is removed.

The answer from NetBSD is that this is very likely a bug in make.  May this 
also be the case for FreeBSD?

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