Trond Endrestøl <> wrote:

> I guess we who live outside the US should take into account that PCs 
> are initialised by firmware to the US keyboard layout and the 437 code 
> page, courtesy of IBM, 1981.

In 1981 I had accepted this.  Now it's simply a bug and I wonder it has not 
been fixed in 22 years.  I'll file a bug report.

> I'm not sure if the creators of (U)EFI has considered other keyboard 
> layouts and/or code pages at boot time.

I don't care for the BIOS here, the OS has to take care of it.  It may be ok 
that at the boot prompt only US keymap is set.  But when the rc scripts are 
running the keymap must be set correctly (as one of the first actions).

> A bad workaround is to copy the suitable keymap from /usr/share... to 
> /etc, along with /usr/sbin/kbdcontrol, and add a suitable line to one 
> or either of /etc/rc.d/geli{,2}, e.g.:
> /etc/kbdcontrol -l /etc/german.iso.kbd
> kbdcontrol is linked only to libc:
> $ ldd `which kbdcontrol`
> /usr/sbin/kbdcontrol:
> => /lib/ (0x800827000)

In my case it's simpler since I have /usr in /, but as you descripted 
kbdcontrol must be in /sbin and the maps in /etc in the future.

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