On 12/16/15 20:54, Kostya Berger wrote:
Well, this seems to be either hardware or software (driver code) bug.
After `usbconfig -d ugen1.4 reset` webcamd restarting sometimes creates the 
device /dev/video0 -- sometimes,, but not every time. More often than not it 
doesn't. So there's no method seen in this behaviour so far. I wonder how I 
could debug this.

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   On Wed, Dec 16, 2015 at 1:22, Kostya Berger<berger...@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:   Ok, I failed to make it clear enough: the module 
is loaded on boot. This was what was actually meant by the expression "when the system starts". By contrast, loading on 
demand is... well, loading "on demand". These are two ways of starting a program, "on demand", as opposite to 
"when the system starts". Please, correct me if I'm wrong here.Yet the situation is as I described. That's what I'm actually 
reporting. Just now I've done a reboot, and here we go again: all modules loaded, /dev/cuse persent, the message telling me 
"webcam is already running on ugen1.4.0" (my web-camera) -- and NO /dev/video0.

Though it hits me now, there are 3 devices /dev/usb/1.4.*. Maybe 1.4.0 is not 
the correct one?
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Can you check:

ps auxw |grep webcamd

Are there any webcamd coredumps?

What does usbconfig say?


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