On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 03:21:13PM -0800, Roger Marquis wrote:
> Forwarding this from freebsd-security in case anyone here can update us
> regarding the status of base packaging or has URLs for projects/release-pkg.
> Roger

This is from the conversation Baptiste and I had over IRC a few days (or
a week or so) ago:

11:10 < lattera> bapt: how's work on pkg base going?
12:30 <@bapt> lattera: stalled
12:31 < lattera> bapt: :( what can I do to help it progress?
12:31 <@bapt> lattera: no idea :)
12:31 < lattera> bapt: what's left to be done?
12:33 <@bapt> lattera: lots of changes in pkg itself

I asked if it'd make it for 11.0-RELEASE, but he didn't respond. I'm
CC'ing him onto this email thread.


Shawn Webb

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