After trial and error ( not easily crafted from the man page)
crafting the "mount" command below...

I've on a todo list a  once-in-a-while fsck_ffs  ( in single user mode
or init 1), each filesystem ( eventually ) so that journalling is double checked
as accurate (ufs2)

"mount -t ufs -o rw /dev/gtp/root /  "
( ^^ that, not easily crafted from the man page examples, unless it works
sometimes and does not work other times, or needs some precise
order.  This command worked today...)

So much for documentation.
On to the question.

The 'task' would be to run fsck_ffs -y on each filesystem once in a while.
However, after remounting root or some other filesystem rw, the
(NO_WRITE) still appears in fsck_ffs ... appearing to make the effort
moot.   (Since it also answers (No) to its resulting ?repair? questions...)

Fault of "init 1" rather than safe mode at boot, or some unintended 
fault of fsck_ffs, or some easier way to accomplish the stated task?  

Apologies for not asking it elsewhere... seems like one or two persons reading
this list may know more than others and/or sometimes do the same
commands, every once in a while or after a crash to the debugger instance.

( Not really urgent that anyone answers.  More of an inquiry than a problem... 
at least at
r288246...  )
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